We pride ourselves on giving thorough guidance and vast product knowledge to all customers. Whether you are shopping for your first skateboard or trying to upgrade your set-up, you've come to the right place. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to call the store or shoot us a message on Instagram. If you end up purchasing a complete, let us know if you'd like it assembled for no additional charge. 

General information

A skateboard consists of six essential components: (deck, griptape, trucks, hardware, bearings, and wheels)

Decks: (sold in widths usually between 7.5"-10") 

A skinner deck is more responsive, whereas a wider deck is more stable.  Each brand offers slight differences in shape and concave. Eventually, you will be paying attention to wheelbase (distance between your trucks) and length of the deck once you've found what you're most comfortable on. Wheelbase determines how quickly your board turns. Shorter wheelbases are usually associated with skinnier decks, and turns more quickly. Longer wheelbases are going to stabilize your board (especially with speed), and make wider turns. Length is typically associated with the width, and can play a roll in comfortability. Wider decks tend to be longer, and shorter decks tend to be skinnier. Discovering what you do and don't like about different variables helps you know what to expect from each aspect, it's overall response, and effectively improves your consistency on the board. Preference plays a role in your comfort, but an 8.25" is our best-selling size and we recommend starting somewhere in the middle if you're unsure. This way if you want to move up or down a size later, you may be able to transfer your original trucks and wheels over to a new deck. 

Griptape: (sold per sheet, 9" X 33")

"MOB" is grippy, "Jessup" is a little easier on your shoes, and some printed grip lies in between the two. Be aware of stance-oriented logos when purchasing and leave a note if you want your board gripped for free. 

Trucks: (sold in pairs)

We try to offer trucks in both standard and hollow options. Hollow indicates the kingpin and/or axle have been hollowed out to reduce the weight of the trucks. Each brand has it's own unique size chart for every deck size. You can find the right trucks to match the width of your deck on the size chart provided for each item. "Independent" trucks usually sit higher, giving more leverage in your pop. "Thunder" trucks are a tad lower, and have a faster response. "Venture" are another option for those looking for quick response, and offers a lower kingpin for less hang-up on grinds. Again preference plays a role in comfortability, but we typically recommend lower trucks to new skateboarders. 

Hardware: (sold in sets of eight)

"Hardware" refers to the Phillips or Allen bolts and nuts that mount your trucks to your deck. We offer: 7/8" (no riser pads), 1" (no riser pads, or with 1/8" riser pads), and 1.25" (with 1/4" riser pads). Riser pads (or "risers") are plastic or rubber plates used under your trucks for more wheel clearance, and higher ride. If you have wheels bigger than 58mm, you usually will consider a set of risers. (comes in 1/8", and 1/4")

Bearings: (sold in sets of eight, two for each wheel)

Bearings vary in material, design, and speed. Unlike ABEC rated bearings, "skate-rated bearings" are tested not only for speed and duration, but durability and impact resistance as well. "Bones Reds" are our best-selling bearings for a moderate price, and "Spitfire Cheapshots" are a great introductory option. With so many variables from each brand and offering, call if you need any guidance and we can recommend something based on your needs. 

Wheels: (sold in sets of four)

Wheels come in different shapes, durometer (hardness/flexibility of urethane), and size. Classic round-shaped wheels are great for pivoting, conical-shaped wheels provide a lock-in effect when grinding, and radial-shaped are kind-of an in between. The higher the durometer, the harder the wheels. Harder wheels slide easier, and softer wheels have more grip. If you are a beginner, advanced formulas may be something to wait on. Classic urethane like "Spitfire Classics", "Spitfire O.G. Classics", or our shop wheels are great places to start. For a standard skateboard we usually recommend starting between 52mm-54mm. 

Cruiser wheels are soft and gummy to form to the unique patterns on the ground, giving a smooth ride on rough terrain. Usually cruiser wheels come between 56mm-65mm. The bigger the wheel, the more terrain you cover and the higher you will ride. Smaller cruiser wheels will allow you to keep your trucks looser, without adding risers compromising the lower ride.